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Signature Slimming Treatment

Imagine the wonderful feeling of knowing you look great and seeing a perfect body while checking yourself out in front of the mirror. With Dr5 Advanced Slimming Treatments, that very image you have in mind is now possible!

DrNano Labcel is a specialist in Dr5 and it is the

  • First Non-Invasive Body ContouringDSC_0176


  • No Side Effects


  • Effectively Remove Excess Fat


  • Emulsify Fat


  • Help Assist Tumescent Liposuction Procedures


These are our 5 general steps to give our customers the best services:

  1. Professional consultation focus on each customer’s body condition.
  2. A detox drink is given to cleanse your body.
  3. Machine treatment to improve body metabolism rate and blood circulation.DSC_0254
  4. A body wrap with special DrNano serum and gel.
  5. After-treatment body analysis to show before-after results.DSC_0307
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