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Signature Facial Treatment

DrNano Labcel specializes in a multifaceted treatment procedure that helps woman achieve their ideals of a slimmer lower face and flawless, radiant complexion.


Our Signature Facial Treatment

Our signature facial treatment is the 5D Face Contour. 5D Face Contour uses a whole new technology, by using the ultra-fine nanometer technology; 5D Face Contour activates the metabolism of the skin cells to promote firmness, elasticity and natural glow of the skin. Its advantageous effects mold sharper contour of the face, lessen wrinkles and pigmentation, smooth-en skin and tighten skin pores, gives a more balanced skin tone.

The ultimate 3 steps formula:

  1. One to One Skin ConsultationDSC_0110 DSC_0226
  2. Professional Skin Analysis
  3. Effective Facial Treatmentfacial DM
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