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Q1. A lumpy substance is forming on my butt and thighs. What is it and can it be treated?

That is cellulite and is commonly found on the thighs, stomach and butt. Your age, fat content and genes determine how severe your cellulite is. There are treatments that are gentle and non-abrasive. Proper follow-up ensures long-term effectiveness.

Q2. Are the DrNano treatments safe and are there any side-effects?

We can ensure the safety of the products that we are using and recommend to our customers. Our methods and ingredients have been proven to be safe and have been tested at government certified laboratories in Malaysia, Singapore and the United States.

Q3. How do I know exactly how much weight I need to lose?

We have a body analyzing machine that collects data from your body and converts these signals into stats for our specialist to analyse. Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal shape and measurements.

Q4. What is the possibility of a weight relapse after a successful course of treatment?

Apart from our objective in helping women achieve their ideal figure, we specialize in the maintenance of weight loss. We encourage customers to build simple and positive habits to living a healthy life. Our derma mist treatment generally eases our candidates’ follow up care by cleansing the lymph nodes, which restores hormonal balance, while regulating bowels and metabolism.

Q5. Is there a specific ‘Dr5 diet’ plan I must follow in line with the treatment?

We encourage our customers to adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating without full abstinence as this can lead to bingeing. The philosophy behind our programme is that people can transform their body and learn to maintain it through a healthy lifestyle.

Q6. I have a really puffy face although the rest of my body is slim. What can be done?

First, we will be examining your face to determine its natural contouring, muscle and fat content. We will then analyse your features and develop a personalised treatment programme to tighten facial muscles and remove excess fat to reshape your face.

Q7. How many rounds of treatment must I attend?

It depends on the treatment you seek, as we have different packages for different needs. We recommend a minimum of four sessions within four to six weeks for optimum results.

Q8. Will there be scars after treatment?

Our treatments leave no major markings on the skin. The skin may be sensitive for a maximum period of 30 to 60 minutes upon treatment, but the healing is quick, therefore, applying make-up after that is fine.

Q9. Will I look unnatural after these treatments?

No, our treatments are meant to enhance your natural beauty without inducing drastic changes to your face. Our methods are proven to be completely harmless sessions with us will maintain the results without causing any unnatural stiffness to your face.

Q10. How long can the enhancements last?

A completed course of eight to ten sessions can deliver results that will last up to 18 months. This applies to all face enhancement treatments we provide, from face shaping to skin improvement.

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