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About Us

What is DrNano?

DrNano Labcel is a biological activity matter situated between the atom and the intermolecule, a nanometer unit assumes the member assignment, and maintains the biological technology activity under a enviroment with contant temperature in 100°C.

DrNano Labcel is a 100% pure-plant extract originated from South Africa. It is able to penetrate fully into the skin membrane. Its distinct molecules are similar to the gold mineral’s particles which contain great amount of the active cell properties. It can effectively activate and accelerate metabolism of the skin cell, tightening and reducing wrinkles within days. Making one looks youthful almost immediately.

DrNano Labcel wrinkles reducing principles:

DrNano Labcel, combine with the use of a supersonic speed pressure sprayer, penetrate into the skin membrane. It effectively activates and accelerate metabolism of the skin cell, magically tighten skin and reduces wrinkles, almost immediately!

The 5 Good Reasons:

  • Iron out dynamic wrinkles or fine lines of the face, neck and stretch mark
  • Improve skin hydration and elasticity
  • Enhance skin tonicity
  • Improve face contour
  • Bio Face lift, is a 100% pure plant extract originated from South Africa.

The 5 Irresistible Facts

  • Anesthesia free, Overall facial treatment
  • Relatively Pain Free
  • No Scarring
  • Able to apply makeup immediately after treatment
  • Does not affect normal routines and activities
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